What is the Book of Mormon?


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What is the book of Mormon? Many people wonder about this question, and on the internet there are many people who will tell you about it. If you don’t have time to read all I have to say then here is the 90 second version “link” but if you want to read my take on the Book of Mormon as a life long member and missionary please read on.

There are many opinions on the Book of Mormon. There are people who believe it is fiction, blasphemy, or simply a book that teaches good principles. To me this book is so much more. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ, a volume of scripture not created to replace the bible, but to add another witness to it. This scripture is a companion to the bible and hand in hand they present to us all the fullness of the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. It teaches us truths about baptism and faith in Christ, and through it I am made able to not only to be saved (which opportunity will come to all men) but to be exalted and be even as my father in heaven with my family forever. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and I know you will begin to feel as I do that it is a book written by ancient prophets of god just as the bible and it is another testament of Jesus Christ. To receive a copy of this book or to chat online with members from the church and learn more please visit mormon.org and have a look around.quote-meme-nelson-1222057-wallpaper


Where Did Love Begin?


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Where did Love begin? We love our families, friends, spouses,children. We love them so much that we are willing to give up everything , even our very lives at times.But What drives us to behave this way. Our natural human instincts call for survival of the fittest, and every man for himself, but for some reason we silence these natures and go without our basic needs and desires. Why do we do this? We deny our natural ,yet carnal nature of survival and logical judgment in order to show Love for one another. I believe that these qualities are an inherent and eternal part of us.  In other words, these aspects are a key part of our eternal nature.


I believe that before we came to this Earth we lived in a Spiritual Family, God was our Father, He Loved us and continues to love us more than universes can begin to measure or comprehend.We lived in a state of Happiness and Joy that is Unspeakable, one that cannot be imagined or understood by the mortal mind. This time/state of Joy and Love that we resided in is known as the Pre-Existence. In this world we Loved, and cared for each other, we were a spiritual family.Offspring of our heavenly parent’s who loved and cared for us. We were constantly in the presence of their overwhelming Love and Majesty. It is there that we developed these eternal qualities of Love,and affection. Love is an infinite and heavenly component of our being. We know how to Love, because our Heavenly Parent’s showed us how. Love is an eternal principle, it transcends sin, darkness, pain, sorrow, anger. Love is a powerful, and celestial force for good. It is a Godly Trait, Love conquer’s evil, Love institutes peace, by Love was the Atonement of our Savior made possible, By love the Heavens and the Earth were Framed. I believe that our ability to love was developed preparatory to our coming long ago before the foundations of the Earth were laid. What Do you think?

Thought By: Elder Neff

For a little more insight into this subject click here:https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-06-03-we-lived-with-god?


What makes us happy?


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What makes us happy? Money, cars, jokes, all of those help but most importantly family. Humans seem to have a natural drive to create children, to create life. There is something about a tiny farting, barfing, whining, snotty version of ourselves that if nothing else intrigues us. I believe that we are children of our Heavenly Father and as such we have many of the same desires and interests he does. Our supreme creator and father made us in his image and we make our children in our image. When I think about it it’s kind of unbelievable and and the same time so simple. With these divine powers of creation entrusted to us by our father we have a responsibility to use these powers for a righteous purpose to create life that is meaningful, wonderful, and treated with love and respect. But that’s really hard at times, in this world the family is constantly attacked I know as I talk to people in the street and in their homes we all need the strength that the savior can provide to us and to our families. In John 16:33 it says “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” I know Christ will help us to raise our families in the righteous ways of God and that by following Christ’s example we will be happy. I am so grateful in my life to know that I can be together with my family  for eternity. For more information on my beliefs on the family visit https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/the-familymeme-martinez-individual-family-1344498-gallery.jpg

I love my family and I know that you can be blessed as you and your family  read the Book of Mormon to learn more about that visit. https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/book-of-mormon

God…. are you out there?


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earthly-father-heavenly-father-2015-01-01     For all time we as humans have developed religion. Integrated it into our lives. It’s become a part of us. Cultures and people all around the globe have developed it in some way. It has changed our behavior, the way we act, the way we think. But what is it? What drives humanity to believe in things not seen nor heard. Things without the assurance of scientific evidence or proof. Is it because of tradition or just the way we were raised? I believe that religion is not something made up or told around a campfire. I believe it is something that is naturally part of us. Something that has a familiar ring. Like a song we heard long ago. I think about the billions and billions of stars that Can be seen when I look at the night sky. Every time I see the sky I think to myself, how could there not be a God? I find it hard to believe that we are here because of chance. My testimony has grown as I look around me, I try to see things in larger frame of view. We live on a body of rock and soil, with every thing necessary for us to exist, survive ,and live. We live exactly at the perfect distance away from the sun where we are not to hot nor to cold. Our Earth rotates on an axis and revolves around our Sun creating seasons. Our atmosphere protects us from harmful solar radiation and heat.The air we breath has exactly all of the chemicals and gases that we need in order to survive. These very intricate calculations and calibrations cannot be by chance. Our Earth and everything in it is Evidence of Gods existence and reality. I know that these were framed and set in motion by a loving and hopeful Heavenly Father. Just look around you, look at the moon, the stars. Their was a Great and miraculous work performed here long ago. The evidence of it is all around us, we just need to look.What do you think?

Thought by:Elder Neff

For more information and a little insight into my religion go to: http://www.mormon.org

For another great perspective on our everyday lives visit: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2013-01-002-earthly-father-heavenly-father?lang=eng

Does God Care About us?


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Does God enjoy our human achievements? Does he see our structures, hear our music, gaze upon our art and say well done? On one hand we are his children and he is the greatest creator, so he may feel a sense of joy in our creating great things that are beautiful, and progressive. On the other hand all, or at least most, of our outward achievements are worldly. The Eiffel Tower has nothing to do with our eternal progression either does the Statue of Liberty, or Mount Rushmore. Yet we are driven to do these great things, to create or honor or remember, but could these things also be connected directly to pride or is it a symbol of our divine heritage to have that drive to create? If we look back in history most of the great things built were seen as an abomination to god. The Tower of Babel and the many monuments erected to false gods being an example. But we also see things like the temples of Solomon which God commanded be built. I believe god created us to think, imagine, and build and that many of the great things we do are a reflection of our divine parentage but hey that’s me. Please share your thoughts and learn more about my beliefs on some of my other posts and at


What Does it Mean to Listen?


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So I’ve been thinking, what is listening? Why should we listen? How should we listen? Why am I talking about listening!?! Well scientifically we hear the sound waves that float their way through the air into our ear and vibrate our ear drum creating an electrical current that we understand as sound, but what makes listening different? I can sit here and hear what you are talking about without listening but I can’t listen without hearing. From what I’ve been thinking about I believe hearing is a passive thing, anyone who’s communicates can in a way hear; visualy, auditoraly, or even just feeling someone’s vibe when they are near you. It’s noticing and perceiving things around us. Listening on the other hand is a choice, an action. We have consciously do it, like the difference between doodling in a notebook and painting a beautiful portrait. It comes with complex techniques, skills, and effort required to be effective. Some people have the talent for listening and some fall magnificently short. All I know is that being listened to feels good, it relives stress helps us connect to others and many people would say that it’s all they want in this life. How badly our Heavenly Father wants to be listened to, people all over the world hear his words. They have heard them in church since they were little. We all hear the lord but now in these turbulent time I believe hearing is not enough we must listen. We must develope the skill to listen to his words rather than just hear them. To listen is to act. May I encourage us all to act on the things we hear, reach out for our saviours hand, and listen to the counsil of he who knows all in the name of Jesus Christ amen. Learn more about he who knows all at this link https://www.mormon.org/beliefs/jesus-christ